I am especially interested in serving animals; post surgery or recovering from illness or injury, with anxiety issues, preparing for adoption or additions (animals or children) in the household, preparing for athletic activity or competition and following and, providing service to improve comfort for senior animals and at the end of life.

All animals benefit from massage and Reiki and many will accept and benefit from hands on services. While most frequently working with dogs and cats, I know from experience that Reiki can impact animals in communities improving health, comfort and dynamics among animals in groups such as farms, sanctuaries and shelters.

I love to work with individuals and with single or multiple species groups in their living/working environments. I have seen the positive results of Massage and Reiki on social interactions, emotional problems, hierarchical relationships and certain behaviors.

Treatment benefits include:

*relieves pain and improves mobility
*eases anxiety and stress
*promotes recovery from illness or injury
*assists with training/behavior challenges
*supports general health and immune systems

In most cases, your animal will need more than one session to address health issues. Reiki and massage are gradual processes taking some time to shift energy and heal. In some cases it may be a process to get to massage (if massage is indicated) or get to an actual touch session of Reiki. It is important to allow time for your animal and the practitioner to connect and create a custom, productive and trust based service plan and delivery.

Specialized services such as O/I (origin insertion muscle release) for chronically tight muscles, Passive Range of Motion exercises, Myofascial Release and Shiatsu and trigger point techniques may be indicated.

It is my practice to work with the animal, the family, veterinarian, and other health or care givers to develop a custom service plan to address specific needs. I will incorporate exercises or comfort care prescribed by others and am pleased to provide training to families to ensure ongoing benefit from energy and massage practice.

Deepen communication and empathic relationships with the animals in your life!



Animals are particularly receptive to the benefits of energy and body work. Most notably, they are not skeptical. Where humans may limit their own benefit with skepticism and analysis animals are naturally open to changes in their own energetic and physical comfort. They do not wonder “does this work?”, “am I doing this right?”, “how is this supposed to feel?”etc. They are simply open to receive healing and comfort in every form. When an animal is fearful, reacting to previous trauma or neglect, they may be more quickly able to engage with positive offerings than their human counterparts. Where there is severe damage or fragility, Reiki may ease new connection with humans and other animals.

My name is Melanie Powers and I am a dedicated, professional animal practitioner.  I am certified in animal massage and am a Reiki Master practitioner for people and animals.  There is a detailed personal bio on my FaceBook Page, Sweetenergycc.